Shaadi No 1, the last 'David Dhawan Styled' comedy

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 04, 2005 10:09 hrs

"Shaadi No 1 is my farewell film," David Dhawan jolts you with his declaration. "After this, no more such 'typical' comedies.'

Shaadi No 1 is David's second release in six months. "I've again gone into my patent entertainment genre. But I wouldn't like to go into it again. It's the last of my trademark entertainers. I had six stars to handle in Shaadi No 1. So it had to be a typical film…Not that there're many major stars besides Sanjay Dutt.. But I had a great rapport with the entire cast. The new thing about this one is that I'm back with producer Vashu Bhagnani. In-between he was doing his own films, and I was doing my own thing."

David denies any rift with producer Vashu Bhagnani. "In fact he had asked me to direct Om Jai Jagdish for him. But I just didn't connect with the script. Vashu's passion for filmmaking remains undiminished. Other directors may have had problems with Vashu. Not me. If I did, why would I work with him for the fifth time when I have fifteen producers at my doorstep? I don't want to name them. But I dumped two producers to accommodate Vashu's Shaadi No 1. He's a every enterprising producer."

David seems to be well into Vashu-shastra. "He got me permission to shoot a song in France within two hours. A good producer is hard to come by. I hope for his sake Shaadi No 1 works…After seeing the film he said, 'Don't worry.' `Lekin worry to rahegi…` I've been directing for two decades. I've survived. Today I'm competing with whole new generations of filmmakers. That's because I'm not fearful of change. If you are not ready to move on people will move you out. I'm ready to move on to a new level. I'm not scared."

With his next venture, David plans to "take care" of Govinda's career. "He's a diamond that needs to be polished again. I know he'll be rocking from the first shot I take. I won't disappoint Govinda or our fans. His character will be very performance-orented. The focus will be on Govinda and Salman's performances."

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