Shahid & Sonakshi indulge in some Gandi Baat

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 17, 2013 05:17 hrs
​Rambo rajkumar

We've found our top guilty pleasure of the year! It's this song from R...Rajkumar. Gandi Baat is not something you want to be found humming around office. But we dare any of you stop if you can. It's that good!

Prabhudeva has managed to get Sonakshi to flex her muscles in action scenes as well as up her glamour quotient in this film. She kick-starts the song by stepping out of a pond in Bollywood's go-to sexy outfit - the wet white sari!

Soon, we realize that Shahid Kapoor is in fact, in his sozzled state imagining Sonakshi's sizzling presence. And when he does come to his senses every now and then, we realize that the item girl is in fact Charmee.

Shahid is an absolute delight to watch! He's so light on his feet he'll put a Pheasant-tailed Jacana treading lotus leaves to shame.

Prabhudeva also flaunts his trademark moves while Sonu Sood does his best to keep up.

Watch Gandi Baat now!

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