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Shakespeare M.A

Shakespeare M.A
Jayasurya, Jagathi, Mani, Anoop, Sooraj Venjaranmoodu. Roma
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Debutant directors, Shyju-Shaji's Shakespeare M.A has a great first half as it makes you laugh and is thoroughly enjoyable. But post interval, it starts lagging and ends as a steamy tearjerker. The trouble is that the director duo loses focus on the story and is not able to string together the film as a wholesome comedy.

The first half is a rollicking comedy as all the humour elements and characters gel well. Kottayam 'Jayabharatham Theatres' star writer is Pavithran (Jayasurya) better known as 'Shakespeare Pavithran'. The owner of the troupe Kottayam Gopalan finds that Pavithran is going through a writers block, and finds a rustic location for him to pen his next drama.

Keeping him company is actor Sugunan (Salim Kumar), lyrist "Thoothukudi" Thulasidharan (Jagathy), Sarasan (Anoopchandran). They have a ball, but our writer gets distracted by Alli (Roma) a village lass, whom he slowly falls like a ton of bricks.

For Pavithran Alli is Prakasham Parathuna Penkutty (the girl who spreads happiness) and also becomes the title of his new play However one day she goes to Bangalore and strikes it rich and is able to settle her parent's debts.

One day when there is no news from Alli, Pavithran goes to Bangalore in search of her and finds the bitter truth behind her rags to riches story!

If the writer-directors had expanded the second half keeping the drama troupe and its surroundings as the basic thread it would have been a rollicking comedy. Instead why deviate to serious issues like heroine playing surrogate mother and bring in unwanted sentiments?

The only silver lining is the comedy in the first half of Jayasurya, Jagathi, Mani, Anoop and the indispensable Sooraj Venjaranmoodu. Roma as a village girl is pretty good. On the whole in these hard times just for the comedy Shakespeare M.A is worth seeing up to the interval.

Verdict- Average


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