Shankar's stoic silence!

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 06, 2007 03:56 hrs

There are 40 days left for the release of Rajnikanth's AVM big budget extravaganza Sivaji. However director Shankar has not uttered a word about the release date or anything regarding the film! No press material or even the audio launch of the film has taken place!

Shankar believes in the old saying — "Silence is golden". According to sources close to Shankar, he will speak only when the film is ready for release. The buzz is that graphics and special effects are still to be completed, and re-recording is yet to start. A.R Rahman takes a long time in re-recording, and Shankar too is known to spend days on a single reel! Added to that there are rumours that Shankar and Rahman would prefer doing the work in London, where they will not be disturbed or be under any kind of pressure.

Remember Shankar's earlier producer Oscar Ravichandran, kept on announcing the release date of Anniyan, which he had to keep on postponing, as the director was not ready with the final copy! Finally when Shankar was ready, he himself told Ravi to release it on a particular Friday (June 17, 2005). Shankar kept to his lucky number 8 (1+7) and the rest as they say is history, as the film turned out to be a blockbuster!

No wonder they call Shankar the Big- P. The perfectionist who provides paisa-vasool movies to the public, but is a pain for the producer! His style of working has been like that from his Gentlemandays and all big banners had to grin and bear it.

Shankar is perhaps the most successful commercial film director in India. He has an awesome strike rate of nearly 100 percent at the box-office; all his films have made money for its producers. In a career spanning 14 years he has directed only 7 films in Tamil which literally means a film every two years. It clearly shows the man's sincerity, passion and dedication to his work.

For Shankar,Sivajiis special, as it was his dream to do a film with Rajnikanth. A few years back he had written the Muthalvan script keeping the superstar in mind. As a creator he visualizes each and every scene and is particular that what he has in mind be put on celluloid. It is a tight rope walk as Sivaji is concerned, as it is a tough job to balance what his script demands and the superstar's screen image plus the huge expectations from his fans. Actually Shankar has completed the entire shoot of the talkie portion and five songs of the film in 13 months, which is very fast by his standards.

After all, at the end of the day it is a Shankar film, and there is a method in his making of the mega budget movie. The onus is on him to make it a blockbuster, and it is not fair to hurry him up. After waiting patiently all these months, a few more weeks to watch Sivaji does not make much difference!