Shanthnu miffed by KLTA team

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 04:06 hrs

The super success of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasai (KLTA)  has made  producer Santhanam and Red Giants very happy. But there is one young man in the industry who is extremely miffed with the comedian turned producer.

It is none other than Shanthnu along with his family who feel bitter that KLTA was heavily inspired from K Bhagyaraj’s Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, a 1981 blockbuster, for which no remake rights were purchased or given any compensation!

Though the producers reluctantly  gave K Bhagyaraj’s name in the title card at the last minute, Shanthnu claims that the family was not given any monetary compensation. The young hero on whom his dad was planning to make a remake of Indru Po Naalai Vaa, is particularly miffed with interviews in the media by Santhanam where he says that he wrote the script of the film.

Shanthnu has been venting his ire on twitter and has tweeted, “You people say that YOU have conceived the concept and story? Its a RIP off !! you've done it and better ACCEPT it!”

To the media which thought that a hefty compensation was paid for rights, Shanthnu has clarified, “To all the press and media who follow actors on twitter, no compensation has been paid for taking my dad’s Indru poi naalai Vaa script.. all rumours. Not gonna let it pass unnoticed. Case is going on.. but I just want the people to know what’s been happening because they’re spreading rumours that we have been compensated.”

Lashing out at the film’s makers he adds, “Don’t YOU take Credit for something which was CONCEIVED and WRITTEN by someone else !! Respect Hardwork.. and learn to RESPOND.”

We wonder what turn this battle will take in coming days…


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