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Friday 23 July 2004

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Prashanth, Meena, Suhasini, Thyagarajan

Thyagarajan?s Shock is dark and deadly. The director touches on the subject - "Do ghosts really exist?" Shock explores the possibilities and is definitely worth a scare.

Vasanth (Prashanth) and Malini (Meena) move into their new rented flat in an apartment complex. Vasanth has chosen to live in this house despite the real estate broker warning him about Manju, the previous tenant who had jumped from the balcony to death. He is not too hassled by this revelation but keeps it a secret from his wife.

But Malini does find out that secret and becomes distressed. She wanders around the house at night and, suddenly, strange things start happening to her. Malini gets increasingly disoriented and Vasanth is worried over his wife's mental state. He consults a reputed psychiatrist Dr Rajan (Sarath Babu) who tells him that his wife suffers from a multiple personality disorder.

But soon Vasanth loses trust in the doctor and the maidservant in the house who speaks and walks in a weird way looking half-mad herself, tells Vasanth that Malini is possessed by the ghost of Manju and he should get an exorcist to tackle the situation. An exorcist (Suhasini) is brought home to drive away the Pei in Malini. How she goes about it forms the rest of the tale.

Shock is a scene by scene remake of Ramgopal Varma?s Bhoot. The shots of the lift going up and down, the watchman staring at Malini suggestively, thunder, lightning, rain and yet another tilted shot of the building accompanied by a frenzied background score are all the highlights of the film. The second half of the film seems to be heavily inspired from The Exorcist.

Prashanth looks matured and executes his part well. His is the soothing presence in the nerve-wracking scenes at the beginning of the film. Meena has given a mind-blowing act that actually saves the film to a very large extent. Watching her work up a maniacal frenzy or slip into a pathetic state of helplessness, only to let out a deathly scream, is an experience not worth missing.

Suhasini (with a funny wig) is wasted and it is criminal for an artiste of her calibre to do such an ill-conceived role. Thyagarajan goes overboard at times as Paramasivam, the inspector with his comical way of investigation. The rest of the cast, K.R Vijaya and Abbas, has very little to do. Salim Sulaiman?s background score will have you jumping out of the seat at the slightest provocation.

Verdict: Scary

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