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Shree review: Good performances, average film!

Rajesh Bachchani
Hussain Kuwajerwala, Anjali Patil
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Ok its sci-fi time and we’re here with Shree who is apparently one of the nine people in the world with a special gift. As one character puts it, he is the ‘chosen one’.

Shree (Hussain Kuwajerwala) is an employee with a telecom company, and his boss Randhawa convinces him to undergo a rare experiment. The payoff is huge, running into lakhs. With his girlfriend’s mother breathing down his neck for not earning enough, Shree is under pressure for money. He accepts. The amount of 20 lakh seems great for a just a day’s work.

The experiment demands 12 hours of his time, but as the process begins, Shree finds it all too sinister and develops cold feet. He wants to call it quits but it’s too late. He is offered a spiked cup of coffee that makes him somewhat unconscious. When he comes to, Shree realizes he is wanted by the police and is being accused of three murders. Strange thing is, he has no recollection of what happened. All he knows now is that he has to run from the cops to save his life, and also unravel the mystery of what happened.

We then watch the cat-and-mouse game unfold between a police commissioner, a scientist who is called ‘Professor’, Randhawa and our protagonist Shree. There are interesting side characters – a hitman who speaks shudh Hindi and a character whose loyalty remains dubious. We are left to guess who is on Shree’s side and who is out to frame him of the crime.

Truth be told, I am making the plot sound more interesting than it actually is. The sci-fi element is flimsy and the film jumps genres, often becoming a crime drama and thriller. Debut director Rajesh Bachchani fails to convince us of the sci-fi element. The explanation is too hurriedly wrapped up as it didn’t matter in the first place. You needed more solid accounts of the theory that there are places in the world that can take you back and forth in time. It’s an arresting topic that needed to be explored and executed better!

Well-known television actor Hussain Kuwajerwala, who makes his debut with Shree, gives an effortless and earnest performance. Anjali Patil (Chakravyuh) is good as the loud and quirky girlfriend, who’s there with Shree in his time of need. The supporting cast does well.

Technical specs are about average and the spunky music is easy on the ears.

The thing with sci-fi is it has to surprise and amaze the viewer, the way movies about the supernatural do. Shree lacks that edge. This sci-fi thriller could have been riveting, but remains decidedly average sci-fi fare.

Rating: Two and a half stars


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