Siddharth: IPL shifted, can we please close TASMAC?

Last Updated: Thu, Apr 12, 2018 13:16 hrs

Actor Siddharth is furious with the protest of Tamil fringe groups against IPL matches scheduled to happen in Chennai. The actor asked whether we can close TASMAC (Government owned liquor shops), TV channels run by politicians and ban all the party flags.

“IPL shifted. Vaazhthukkal. Can we please close tasmac? Next can we shut all TV channels owned by politicians? Can we please ban party flags at protest venues? There are many embarrassing things and people in our TN! Fight together. #SaveFarmers #CauveryIssue”, tweeted Siddharth.

Meanwhile, Arvind Swamy has written a poem on the ongoing Cauvery issue. Check out the poem written by Arvind Swamy…

In the name of water... 

Kindle the fire of hatred

Indians against Indians

 Kindle the search for another identity

Still Indians vs Indians…

In the name of water.. 

Political aspirants, eager to fight for a cause
 Fighting within a country that won it's freedom through peace

A proud heritage.... ignored

In the name of water, in the name of religion, in the name of…


Seek, pursue and garner attention

Your only leverage _ disruption and lawlessness. 

No tolerance for disagreements, no tolerance for opinion

No patience for non-violence, no patience for peace

The wise ones ideating forms of protest and preaching To mobs that they cannot control

So you hit yellows and khakis 

And Lo and behold, we woke up today and have the water that we seek

And the leaders that we don't.. 

Yet, I am still thirsty...for sanity

I think.. I am still thirsty 

I cannot drink the water from the river that flows red. 

In the name of water... 

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