Silambarasan is missing Biriyani

Last Updated: Sun, Jul 31, 2011 05:58 hrs

STR is shooting for Dharani directed Osthi in and around Mysore. The actor wants to have a six-pack look in the Dabangg remake, where he plays a cop.

The trouble with STR is that he is a 'Biriyani freak', who loves to hog on his favourite dish almost regularly.

Says STR: "I love biriyani , and it is one of my favourite dishes from childhood."

For Osthi he was asked to knock off a few kilos and to look fit and mean, by its director Dharani. 

His trainer from Chennai asked him to keep away from Biriyani for a few weeks.

STR concluded by saying: "It is tough but I’m strictly on no carb diet. I will have my favourite Biriyani only in Chennai after I complete the Mysore schedule some time by August 5. The good thing is that we will complete the entire talkie portion of the film in this schedule."