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Sillunu Oru Kadhal

Sillunu Oru Kadhal
Surya, Jyothika, Bhumika, Vadivelu, Santhanam
A.R. Rahman
Studio Green
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You can leave behind memories of your first love in a diary, but someday it will pop-up. These candid memories will continue to haunt you even after marriage, and you can’t run away from them. Debutant director Krishna’s Sillunu Oru Kadhal, will strike a chord with anyone who has experienced the bitter-sweet ravages of romance.

The film opens with the introductory scenes of Kundavi, a small town girl, daughter of a village chieftain in Ambasamudram.Little Kundavi grows up to be a naughty college girl (Jyothika), who thinks that only love marriages can be successful. But her parent’s get her married off to Gautham (Surya), an engineer from the city.

Cut to 6 years later - Gautham and Kundavi, along with their 5-year-old daughter Aishu live in Mumbai, where they work. They are a picture perfect family and their life is filled with happiness....till, one day, Kundavi comes across Gautham’s old diary, by chance when he is on a business trip to New York.

The diary reveals Gautham’s past- He is a dude in an Engineering college in Coimbatore where he meets Aishwarya (Bhoomika), the demure and soft-spoken daughter of a local MP & businessman. It is love at first sight for Gautham and after a while Aishu also reciprocates(!). They decide to get married at the registrar's office but after Gautham ties the thali, Aishu’s dad and his men beat him up and take his daughter away!

A shell-shocked Kundavi puts on a brave face after Gautham arrives, and her next mission is to see that Gautham’s wish “to live at least one day with Aishu” comes true. She finds Aishu, who is completely changed now, as she lives in Australia and considers Gautham as her husband. Kundavi brings her home and tells her husband that he is “allowed” to spend a day with Aishu, whom he loves more than anything else in the world! So what happens during that one day allotted by Kundavi to her husband and his lover?

With a title like Sillunu Oru Kadhal, we expect a tangy, romantic film, but strangely there isn’t enough spice in the tale of Gautham, Kundavi and Aishu. Krishna takes the beaten track of loyalty, family values and bonding. He does not dare to be different at a time when “bold subjects" are being increasingly sought after!

There are two major faults in Krishna’s script.One, is the character of Gautham, whose decision to marry Kundavi and lead a happy life does not seem justified.It is weird that he doesn't bother to enquire about Aishu, his true love. Secondly which wife in the world will react to a situation like what Kundavi had to face? It just seems far fetched.Also, On the downside, Vadivelu & gang coming to Mumbai(Kundavi's family)scenes were absolutely unjustified and does not evoke any laughter.It is Santhanam who scores over Vadivelu this time.

It is the music of A.R.Rahman that elevates the tempo and adds life to the movie. The songs are great, but they could have been picturised a little more aesthetically, especially the “Maja Maja….” song & “New York Nagaram…” , which was shot in Switzerland! The camera of R.D.Rajasekhar, especially in the “Kummi Adi…” song, shot in Rajamundry (passed off as Ambasamudram) is eye catching. The paddy fields, Sunflower gardens in full bloom, rivers and lush greenery are a visual treat!

Jyothika is the pivot around which the story moves, and she is in top form, especially in the intimate scenes with her fiancée. She embodies the happy and later the brooding wife to perfection. Surya pitches in with yet another fantastic performance, be it the responsible husband and father, or the cool dude at college. His composure, deadpan humour and tears in the climax are tangible and real, giving it heartrwarming immediacy.The little daughter of the couple is cute, though she is over smart at times. Bhoomika looks anameic and tries her level best to add life to her character.But pray, why was Sukanya seen in that silly role?

But, the most irritating feature of SOK is the brazen plugs for products. Never before, in Indian cinema have there been so many in-film advertisement placements – Maruti Swift, Pepsi, TVS Star, Boost, Aircel, Maggi, Head & Shoulders!! Editor Antony could have made the film crisper as it is too long (2 hrs 50 min) and the film drags in the second half.

Nevertheless, go and watch the film for all the hype and hoopla surrounding it.

Verdict: Watchable


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