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Manikantan Pattambi, Ann Augustine
Bharani K Dharan
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In director Diphan's SIM, which incidentally is the acronym for Sorry I'm Mad, the main villain is a mobile phone. Young guys and gals are shown using, or rather misusing the phones in the guise of romance or even to make some quick bucks.

Fair enough. But it would have been fine if they narrated the story well. With a rather silly and predictable storyline, stale jokes and pretty ordinary direction, the film make you cringe in your seats right from the beginning.

Pooja (Ann Augustine) and her friends live in a plush flat, but cheats gullible guys even to get their phone recharged. Seetharama Iyer (Manikantan) is working in some RTO office. He is completely smitten by her ample charms the moment she walks into the office one day.

It was mistaken identity that made Salt N' Pepper funny but the scenarists Suresh-Satheesh fails to find even a remotely interesting plot here. They just narrate some instances as if from those boring TV skits and situations from old hits like Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran. Some of the characters from the TV programme Marimayam come up with their trademark styles, but with not much effect.

Diphan, who was fine in Puthiyamugham but made some pathetic movies like Hero after that, has just managed to shoot those scenes without applying his mind, intelligence or passion.

Manikantan Pattambi has proved his talent as a very good actor in the past but in this film, he is a shade of his usual self, even copying the 'Palakkadan accent' made famous by Biju Menon in Ordinary. Ann Augustine has no real expressions on her face and casually does her part without any sincerity.

SIM is evidently aimed at the so-called frontbenchers or for whom any joke is a reason to laugh. If you are looking forward to watch a decent comedy, this one is perhaps not an option.

Verdict: Below Average


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