Simplicity is the USP of English Vinglish: Sridevi

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 03, 2012 04:54 hrs

Sridevi, the queen of Indian cinema is back.

Voila! She is talking 19 to the 200. I can’t believe it and can only pinch myself to ascertain that I’m not dreaming. The Sridevi we know doesn’t talk so freely. Her poise is more pronounced now. The actress who ruled the industry from early 80’s to later 90’s took a sabbatical and now she is back with a bang in English Vinglish, a trilingual  releasing on October 5 worldwide.

In this exclusive free-wheeling chat with Sridevi Sreedhar, the goddess opens up...Read on

Why did you decide now was the time to make a comeback into the film industry?
It didn’t happen just like that, nor was anything planned. The minute I heard Gauri Shinde’s script I fell in love with it and my character. This was what I was waiting for, for the last 15 years (Smiles)

What is it about English Vinglish that clicked for you?
The simplicity of the story and its universal appeal. Not only me, any mother in this world can relate to Sashi, the character I play in the film. She is a simple strong, sensitive and extremely believable character.

Stepping back in front of the camera after 15 years, how difficult was it?
I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. But the entire process of film making has changed since I shot last time. We have improved a lot in terms of technology, dubbing is easier, and there are vanity vans all around and shift timing has also changed.

The atmosphere on the sets of a film has changed so much since the last time you shot a film. Is there anything you miss?
It’s more professional now.

Do you intend to be selective about your films in future, considering the amount of competition out there now?
Right now, Its too early to talk about my future plans, as I am busy with the promotions.  And tell me in which profession there is no competition? All the new girls be it Katrina, Priyanka or Sonam- all are super talented.

Does this also mean you will be looking at doing films down south?
Why not? If a good script comes my way. After all it is Tamil cinema which gave me an identity. There is no hurry for me to work in a slew of films. I want to work with people I am comfortable with and give me satisfaction as an actress.

Will you be doing a sequel to Mr India?
It is in scripting stage.  And nothing has been finalised regarding the star cast, but it is definitely happening..

'English Vinglish' is quite reminiscent of Revathy and Shobana's 'Mitr, My Friend'. Any comments?
I haven’t seen that film to comment on it.

What did Boney Kapoor tell you after watching the film?
He is a proud husband.

 How do your daughters rate you as an actress? What are their expectations from you on screen?
My daughters are mature girls. In fact it was Jhanvi and Khushi who forced me to come back and do a film and this one is for them. Jhanvi was with me when the script of English Vinglish was narrated to me. I always seek opinion from my husband and daughters before doing anything in life.

Rajinikanth watched the film in Chennai. What did he tell you? Will you be teaming up with Rajini & Kamal any time soon? Are you in touch with them?
(Smiles).. I meet them both at functions and it’s not me who decide to do a film with them. The right script has to come. Yes, Rajinikanth saw the film and Gauri told me that he loved it. I didn’t speak to him.

Ajit has done a special appearance in Tamil version of the film. Your comments
He is a wonderful person and it was so kind of him, who is such a big star to do this cameo for south, a role that Amitabh Bachchan did in Hindi.

You've entered the social networking space at the behest of your daughters. How do you find the close interaction with fans you get there?
Its a very different world out there and I’m very interested and is slowly getting hooked (Laughs).



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