Sindhaamal Sidharaamal

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 2 January 2004

Movie Title

Sindhaamal Sidhaaramal



Star Cast

Abbas, Sona, Nandita

This is another love story that reminds you that love is the beginning and end of everything in life. Shanmugavel, a newcomer has directed this film with a not-so-hot star cast of Abbas, Sona and Nandita.

Saravanan (Abbas) is an aspiring painter but his father forces him to help him run a grocery shop in the village. But finally Saravanan convinces his father and reaches the city where he meets Raziya (Sonia). Raziya has a soft corner for Saravanan but our hero is in love with a village belle Janaki (Nandita).

But when he comes back to the village he hears that Janaki is getting married and he finds solace in Raziya who helps him come up as a good painter. He gets recognition and fame and when he returns to his village a surprise awaits him.

Sona is strikingly sweet as Raziya and Abbas is back in form after a long break. Nandita come out with an impressive portrayal as Janaki. Surprisingly there is no mandatory comedy track and the debutant director has to be applauded for making a clean film.

Verict: Average

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