'Sketch' Music Review

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 05, 2018 10:50 hrs

Cast: Vikram, Tammanah, Soori, Radharavi
Music: S Thaman
Direction: Vijay Chandar

Album Analysis:
Andrea Jeremiah, Thaman
The vocals are autotuned to the hilt in ‘Dhaadikaara’ & that is the first thing that gets the attention of the listeners. The artificiality caused due to the mechanisation of the rendition takes away the wow factor of the crispy melody that the song aims to be. The tune is pleasing enough to make it one among the better numbers of the album and Andrea’s vocals (which shouldn’t have required any auto-tune in the first place) help the song to sail to the shore.

Kanave Kanave
‘Kanave Kanave’ works. The reason is primarily because of the fact that the tune is simple. There is a very small but a lovely portion of flute during the interludes. The ‘swag swag’ shout out is unintentionally funny rather. The underlying melody that the song possess is interesting and it is good enough to sustain the listener’s interest. Good attempt overall!

Cheeni Chillalae
Shweta Mohan, Yazin Nizar
‘Cheeni Chillalae’ has the effect of a soothing, riverside melody that tamil music scene used to produce in its yesteryears. The arrangements are very minimalistic and the emphasis is on the tune being simple & soothing. Thaman tries out fresh type of arrangements that is not part of his usual style and pulls it off really well.

Atchi Putchi
Vijay Chandar
‘Atchi Putchi’ tries to be a ‘Dangamaari’ wannabe but fails spectacularly at it. The arrangements are loud, jarring and too cluttered even for a mainstream ‘kuthu’. The director has rendered the song by himself and aces the madras dialect that the song requires. Sadly, that remains to be the only silver lining of this track. The song has been positioned as a crowd-pleasing number and even that purpose remains highly doubtful.

On the whole, Sketch is a slow-burner album. The songs do contain a lot of typical Thaman styled auto-tuned renditions which actually puts off the listeners. However, some of the songs like ‘Cheeni’ and ‘Dhaadikaara’ have their heart in the right place come off as a different attempt from Thaman’s stables. With more songs from the album expected to hit the listeners, let us reserve our judgement on how the overall album has turned out.

Picks from the album: Kanave Kanave, Dhaadikaara, Cheeni Chillalae
Album Verdict: Sketch is all about melodies!
Album Rating: 2.5/5

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