Sneak peek: Priyanka's In My City

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 14, 2012 20:29 hrs

Priyanka Chopra is out with her brand new single In My City, and we just had to hear it!

Stars have turned singers. Big B's done it. His son gave it a shot. Farhan Akhtar has some rocking vocals. But never before has an actor churned out an entire album in the hope of a pop career. We doff our hats to that.

But, there's a huge BUT. If you didn't have a video to support the intro, you wouldn't know it's PC. Sure, it's only the first time we're hearing her belt out a track. But it's not a fresh, standout voice no thanks to auto-tuning the 'Priyanka' out of it. Just like any other average pop song.

And the lyrics? They are mundane as they come. She's inviting them to her city and she promises that they have a friend in her. We're assuming this them and they are the good folks of USA, where she cut this tune.

So, this album isn't meant for her fans back home? We don't see how it's an invite to us cause we've been to her city, partied in her city and never met her. So much for extending her friendship. Hmmmph.

But the grouse apart, Priyanka has made some smart moves and shored up collaborations. There's Akon and then there's for the title track. However, the latter thinks Cheryl Cole has talent while Elton John has branded her as "crap". Hmmm no brownie points here.

The 'first look' video by itself is a revelation. Priyanka Chopra talks with an accent when she's in an LA studio. She's already stacked up an NFL endorsement. And she looks bloody brilliant without a touch of airbrushing!

Verdict: It's so bad it's good!

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