Solution to your dating woes could lie in travelling underground

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 15, 2012 08:50 hrs

If you've not found your perfect partner, the answer could be deeper than you realized - deeper underground that is.

According to the makers of the Tube Map app, almost half of train travellers said that they see someone that takes their fancy at least once a week, the Daily Mail reported.

The poll of regular travellers also found that a less picky one in ten commuters spotted someone they found attractive every single day.

Other studies have revealed that over half of all tube users have swapped numbers with a fellow passenger, while one in 100 have married the person they met below ground.

Not so long ago, a opportunity missed was an opportunity lost when it came to Underground dating but with New Yorker Erika Christensen forging a path forward, that is changing.

Calling herself the "love conductor," Christensen launched a dating service called Train Spottings to enable clients to reconnect with people they met - or simply saw - while travelling on the tube.

Closer to home, Christensen's pioneering service is being replicated by a homegrown TV team, who are using the concept as an experiment in finding love on the train.

Presenter and comedian, Fletcher Cowan, waits outside stations until he finds a singleton before going on a journey with them to see whether he can make a chance meeting work.

"I go on a journey with them, and have only that journey to find someone they think is attractive," he told the Evening Standard.

"The idea came from the fact that you so often go on the Tube and you see people you fancy but because you are on the Tube and because we are English, you don't really act on those instincts.

"The idea is to give people confidence," he said. (ANI)

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