Sonam, Abhay to start shooting for Ayesha

Last Updated: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 09:17 hrs

Abhay Deol is down from New York to shoot for Anil Kapoor's production starring Sonam Kapoor. The shooting for Ayesha, a desi adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, starts on August 27.

"I know there were rumours about the future of the film. There always will be rumours about everything,” said Abhay. “I'm taking Salsa lessons for my character from my choreographer Ashley Lobo. After this, I've to start taking riding lessons. So work is on full swing."

Abhay has been in rehearsals with Sonam. Though the actors admits to not reading the novel as part of his preparation for Ayesha, he said that “all of Jane Austen's heroes have some distinctive traits".

Ayesha would seem like a very conventional film for an actor who is becoming renowned for his quirky, off-mainstream characters. "You forget I started my career with a romantic comedy–Imtiaz Ali's Socha Na Tha," he said.

Imtiaz and Abhay started their careers together. But not he seems to have moved on. "Where has he moved to?" asked Abhay. "When he has a script for me, he'll tell me. Both of us are busy with our own films."

Ayesha will be shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Rishikesh. So Abhay will be in India for a while. "I've to go to the US back in October. I've other acting offers in Mumbai, but I'm in no hurry to sign. Right now, I’m focusing on my production house," he said.

Abhay wants to buy an apartment in New York, but states the kind of money he's being offered in Bollywood won't pay for a home in the US. "I've looked at a place that I like in New York. But it's too early to buy any property,” he said. “I need to earn money first. That's why I'm starting my own production house, Forbidden Films, so I can work for myself and pay myself with the profits and really get to know my market value. Everybody needs money. I'm not here to do charity."

Abhay has already finished a script and is now looking for a director for his first production.

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