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Sound of Boot

Sound of Boot
Shaji Kailas
Suresh Gopi,
Riza Bava,
Bheeman Reghu,
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One thing is amply clear by now- the Suresh Gopi- Shaji Kailas team has run out of steam. They have made a film with an idiotic title Sound of Boot(SOB), without a script! It has a hangover of so many of their earlier films, and the suspense element is so predictable, that by interval the story is actually over.

The basic problem with SOB is that though Rajesh Jayaraman has been credited with the story and screenplay, it's a stale, far-fetched, loose-end script that irritates the viewers. It lacks the passion, punchlines and twists seen in the earlier films of Suresh and Shaji. And technically for a Shaji Kailas film, SOB is a shoddy work with most of the time with poor lighting.

It begins as a bleak dark film set somewhere in the High Ranges of Idukki district and ends that way. Three IG's in Kerala Police- Rowther (Riza Bava), Nambiar (Rajan.P.Dev), Sebastin (Bheeman Reghu) retire on the same day. The same night Rowther is murdered, Nambiar's daughter Meera Nambiar (Honey) a college girl goes missing! SP of Police Siddharth Mahadevan (Suresh Gopi) is asked to investigate. Soon Meera is knocked off allegedly by her lover Rahul (Balu) and her dead body is found in a desolate holiday home run by a suspicious looking Shankaranarayanan (Murali), while her dad is murdered at home.

Now Shaji Kailas decides to become Manoj Night Shyamalan by making the audiences see three different versions of what took place through the eyes of Rahul, Shankaranarayanan and the real truth through Siddharth Mahadevan. It turns out that Shankaranarayanan was a fearless journalist who ran a paper many years back during the emergency period that did investigative stories on police brutality in the high ranges. The officers involved were Rowther, Nambiar and Sebastin who brutally raped and killed the crusading journalists' daughter and made his wife lose her senses, his son Rahul grew up in an orphanage. So the father and son are on a revenge spree and their final target is to get Sebastin. Can Siddharth stop the killing?

Shaji and Rajesh wanted to say a message that there are so many similar people who lost out their dear ones during the emergency period and no justice or compensation has been paid by the government and those responsible for the emergency excess are still roaming around free. But what the director fails to understand is that "emergency excess" is old hat and it does not strike a chord with today's audiences.

Added to that there are no nuances, twists or turns, and no drama in this non-thriller, with only Suresh Gopi bringing some cheer to otherwise a film that will put you into a deep slumber!

Verdict: Stay Away!


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