25 Nov 2015,06:05 IST
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Review: Fashion is superficial
Review 2: Fashion is a showstopper
Priyanka's love scenes get Fashion an 'A'
Mugdha Godse's rough language
'Fashion fraternity need not fear my film'
Fashion in trouble
Madhur praises Priyanka's performance
Fashion hits gold before release
'I`m just a middle-class girl'
Will Fashion prove that Madhur Bhandarkar has indeed found a diamond called Mugdha Godse? The style diva on her pre-release jitters
The world is waiting for Fashion
What possible twist could Madhur Bhandarkar give to an industry already riddled with controversies and vice? Let`s take a look.
'Where was the Censor during Page 3?'
Madhur Bhandarkar is plain amused that his Fashion has got an adults-only certificate.
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