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Pyaar Impossible
Cast & Crew
First Look
Priyanka elevates Pyaar Impossible
  The film springs a surprise on you - just when you’re expecting a teeny-bopper tale of unrequited love, the story flash-forwards from college campus to several years later. More
Pyaar Impossible is for the romantic
  Shrek has been one of the most loved movies of our times. An ogre falls in love with a princess and, after overcoming their share of obstacles, the couple lives happily ever after. Most Hindi movies take a similar route, don't they? We love happy endings. We want the underdog to accomplish his dreams. More
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Trailer of Pyaar Impossible
Pyaar Impossible preview
Pyaar Impossible teaser
Pyaar Impossible promo
Priyanka,Uday on their latest flick
Rockstar Priyanka learns to play drums!
Priyanka,Uday promote Pyaar Impossible
Priyanka and Uday on Radio Mirchi