Spooky incidents on `Vaastu Shastra` sets

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 09, 2004 08:26 hrs

The latest thriller coming from Ram Gopal Varma factory -Vaastu Shastra has some spooky scoop going behind it. The horror element in the film was not just restricted till the reel portrayal but apparently also extended till the real life incidents.

The buzz is that while this Sourabh Usha Narang film was still under production, the shooting of the film witnessed some scary experiences. The set, in a scary coincidence with the film, was actually situated on a graveyard. The unit realized this much after the shooting had commenced. Also this may sound weird but it was always the seventh take that a shot was Okayed. So the crew experimented with numbering the first take as take seven. And the mystic experiment worked.

Last but not the least in true Bollywood filmi style, a story goes something like a crew member who was standing alone on a 100 feet rostrum, fell off and barely survived. A broken vertebra, fractured rib cage and bruised face later - he still claims he was 'pushed'.

That makes us wonder if the Vaastu Shastra of the location was all right!

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