Sri Bannariyamman

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 22 April 2002

Movie Title

Sri Bannariyamman


Bharathi Kannan

Star Cast

Vijayshanthi, Laya, Karan

By Moviebiz

Another ?Amman? story is revealed in Sri Bannariyamman. This time Vijayshanthi has dropped the gun and taken a ?Shoolam? to eliminate the baddies in her 175th film. ?Amman? based films are safe bets especially during festival season and this one is no different from the numerous other films of the same genre. Basically such films are targeted at the B and C centres and the real hero of the film is always the graphics.

Bannari amman is the goddess in Sathyamangalam hills, who comes down to earth as an ordinary woman. The black magic expert Rajan P Dev releases a demon from her control. With the demon`s help the priest creates trouble on earth and a rich politician (Karan) takes his help to become the chief minister (?). Each time some calamity happens the goddess intervenes. Laya, a devotee of `Amman` gets a boon from the goddess that she will be a Deergha Sumangali (her husband will not die before her). The priest manages to get the girl married to Karan so that his life will be protected. Now the battle between good and evil takes a new turn.

The director of the film Bharathi Kannan has specialised in making such films, which is meant for illiterates. However the highlight of the film are two `Amman` songs which are sung by Kushboo and Sukanya in the film.

Verdict: Terrible

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