'SRK never created problems for Dulha Mil Gaya'

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 29, 2008 08:30 hrs

Viveck Vaswani is a happy man. His Dulha Mil Gaya, which has been in the making for around one-and-half years now, is fast nearing the finishing mark. The film would be more than 90 per cent through this week as a marathon 20 day schedule comes to a close. In fact in the days gone by, the crew has already shot a substantial portion of the film in Panchgani, Vashi and Pune.

Says Viveck, "Over the months there have been media speculations around the completion of Dulha Mil Gaya. It was amusing since more than me they seemed to be worried about the film. There were all kinds of stories circulating around the so-called troubles that the film was facing but my only response to them was - keep speculating."

But weren't there murmurs around Shah Rukh Khan being the cause of film's delay? Apparently, he wasn't too willing to spare his dates for the film even as he was busy keeping his other commitments.

"Even I read about this but again, as I said, all this was plain speculation and a wrong one too", said Viveck. "Any big film would take its own sweet time to be completed. There were minor issues but none of them had anything to do with Shah Rukh Khan. He never created problems for Dulha Mil Gaya. My father was unwell for quite some time and I was busy there. He expired some time back and after a mourning period, I resumed work on the film."

Questioning those who have been spreading false stories about SRK being uncooperative, Viveck retorts, "Have you read any report where Shah Rukh himself has quoted anything about being unhappy with DMG?

We interact on a regular basis and he has never opened his mouth against the film. There have been instances where he has been busy but that's understandable. It is a professional thing to do. I don't see any reason why it should be considered as a scoop enough?"

So when do we see SRK's scenes being canned? "This week the film would be more than 90 per cent complete and only a few scenes with SRK remain to be finished", reveals the director. "There are seven songs in the film and six have already been shot. One song with SRK remains and we can shoot for it anytime in August, September or October, whenever his dates permit."

"We are not in hurry because the technicians at our production house are already on the job. They are keeping busy with the post production and making sure that the end product turns out to be good. It isn't as if the office is running all these years on a film which has been supposedly stalled. Sorry to disappoint a few, but we all are quite charged about Dulha Mil Gaya and making sure that it turns out to be the most talked about film", adds Viveck.

So the million dollar question is, when does i>Dulha Mil Gaya eventually release? "We are eyeing a January 2009 release. Things are going as per the plan and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to make it on that day", concludes Viveck.

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