SRK's 'Muslim' comments draw fire

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 11:53 hrs

Following LeT founder Hafeez Saeed's open invite to Shah Rukh post the 'Being a Khan' story in Outlook Turning Points, FirstPost has slammed SRK's 'heart-to-heart' with the international publication.

Titled King of Victimhood: Shah Rukh Khan bites the hand that fed him, the column goes on to point out that while King Khan decries the accusation of “bearing allegiance to our neighbouring nation rather than my own country – even though I am an Indian, whose father fought for India’s freedom,” the truth lies in the fact that he is what he is because of his 'Indian' fans.

It asks him to acknowledge that he isn't the only star or whose film has faced Shiv Sena's wrath.

This controversy comes right in time as the Vishwaroopam hungama is reaching its peak. Kamal Haasan's film has been banned in Tamil Nadu on the premise that it is hurtful to Muslim sentiments. FirstPost columnist Venky Vembu draws a connection. He demands to know if SRK has 'given voice to a word of solidarity for Kamal Haasan, whose film Vishwaroopam too currently faces criminal intimidation from others like you who are feeding off Muslim victimhood?'

Meanwhile, Saeed has been busy on Twitter and backing his invite.

@HafizSaeedJUD Shahrukh Khan Should come to Pakistan if he is being persecuted for his faith;Islam. We will welcome him with an open-heart, Insha'Allah

@HafizSaeedJUD If a person like Shahrukh Khan is being subjected to such religious persecution by extremists, then who else among Muslims will feel safe?

@HafizSaeedJUD There is no doubt on the prevailing narrow-mindedness by extreme Hindu elements in India that threatens Muslims to migrate to Pakistan

@HafizSaeedJUD Yes, I have mentioned Shahrukh Khan's disclosure of what he has faced as a Muslim in So-called Secular India.

This has brought out both King Khan lovers and haters guns blazing on to the social networking site.

@sonaliranade If a @SrBachchan is successful it is b/c he is a great artiste. If @iamsrk is successful, we are a great secular society. Really?

@sonaliranade Where @iamsrk is successful, we take the credit 4 it. When he critiques us, we blame him as an ingrate. Weird logic.

@saikatd What @HafizSaeedJUD doesn't realise is that @iamsrk can air his legitimate views in a secular state unlike the theocratic state he lives in

@dhume01 Indians have showered fame and fortune on Shah Rukh Khan, and yet he plays the Muslim victimhood card

@Neetish Walking out of this mess is quite easy Shah Rukh Khan, you just have to cut Hafiz Saeed and his country down to size

@Bhatt_sanket Dear Shah Rukh Khan, have you considered that people who hate you don't do so because u're a Muslim, but because you're needlessly arrogant?

Shah Rukh Khan is no new friend of controversy. He's raised an eyebrow in the recent past with his drunken brawls and cold-shoulder tiffs with close friends. But this time, will he come out as he always does with popular support?

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