Star support for Hridayashiva

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 21:02 hrs

Lyricist Hridaya Shiva, who will be foraying into direction with his first venture Modala Male, will also be making bigger news casting a well known star from the Kannada film industry. 

With social media as his medium, Hridaya Shiva announced that he is definite about casting Prem in the lead role but for the lead lady, he has promised to feature a ‘star’ opposite Prem. The interesting this is, the lyricist-director has said that he will make the big announcement on social media itself! 

Prem, who will be prancing in the rain for the second time, after taking a role in Maley already, is preparing himself to take up this role. It seems like the rain connection will stay strong even in this film. After all, rain is such a compulsive topic for a lyricist and with Hridaya Shiva’s creativity; this is bound to be a poetic movie, perhaps one of its kinds! 

The director, who had first prepared a couple of scripts ranging from comedy, romance to horror, decided to pick this sweet love story for his debut. While on the hunt for the perfect lead, Hridaya Shiva decided to rope in Prem for his soft looks, romantic acting and his association with rain! 

Climbing the first stair to his big dream, Hridaya Shiva has come a long way from deciding his script. Now, wishing him the best, we hope the actor his cast in will really be the cherry on the top!