Status of an actress is decided by her male co-stars ? asks Andrea

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 14, 2018 14:30 hrs

In a recent event, Andrea gave a fierce speech on the male domination in the film industry and how leading actresses objectifying themselves to be on the top.

The Taramani actress said that a heroine who acts with Vijay and does nothing but dances for three songs sign three to five films after the release. “Whereas everyone raved about my performance in Taramani and everybody loved the film but I’m yet to sign a single film”, said Andrea, who added “The reason is a woman does a strong role asking uncomfortable questions. I can look hot and sexy but I can also act. Write roles for me and don’t expect me to jiggle my butt, to wear revealing clothes and be happy with that”.

Actresses who played several objectifying roles in the past have started speaking feminism these days and Andrea has targeted them as well. She said, “I can be naked on the screen which will be relevant than heroines who say that they won’t accept kissing scenes but fine with objectifying themselves”.

On actresses like Nayanthara who have proven a point by playing strong women characters, Andrea said “Yea but Nayanthara had to do films with Rajini, Vijay, Ajith and Suriya to be a Nayanthara. My question is why can’t Andrea do strong roles to become an Andrea”.  The Thupparivaalan actress asked a valuable question “Status of an actress is decided by her co-stars (male). People say she is a big heroine because she has done a film with Rajini but why?”.

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