STR lashes out at his detractors

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 02, 2012 03:40 hrs
poda podi​

Silambarasan recently lashed out at the media who reported that he is causing heartburns to his producers by neglecting work and taking extended holidays!

The actor who is currently holidaying in US since New Year, through the producers has given a press release stating the reason behind the delay of his film Poda Podi.

STR’s spokesperson reported-  “The film  was entirely shot in London and only during aparticular season, to get  that look and feel required of the script.  Also, we had to shoot scenes featuring a baby at the time of his birth and when he’s six months-old.”

 It also says that since the film is about the journey of a boy and a girl through three stages of their lives, they actually ensured that the phases were captured properly.

 Meanwhile, Gemini Film Circuit the production house is also very happy by the way STR has carried the film on his shoulders and Varalaxmi, daughter of Sarath Kumar, whois making her debut is said to be promising and hard working.

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