`Sukran` banned in Dubai!

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 03, 2005 07:35 hrs

The Dubai based UAE censors have demanded 32 minutes cut in S.A.Chandrasekhar directed Sukran! So far the film has not been released in UAE and the Middle East!

The objectionable scenes are far too many. But Sify.com understands that some of them are a Muslim prayer scene prior to an item number of Rahasiya in a bar, close up’s of skimpy clad women, an elaborate rape scene and more than a dozen bad words used throughout plus visuals of bare entwined legs of a couple on bed!

The overseas distributor of the film has asked UAE censor board to ask their revising committee to watch the film once again and make some minor cuts. The distributor is willing to make minor cuts but will definitely not allow 32 minutes of cut! And instead would prefer not to screen the film.

Meanwhile Sukran was passed by the Regional Censor Board in Chennai with a record 22 cuts and 180 feet deleted!! This film was cleared with an ‘A’ certificate on Feb 7.

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