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Onbadhula Guru

Onbadhula Guru
PT Selvakumar
Vinay Rai, Premji, Sathyan, Lakshmi
S.Sivakumar, R.Sivakumar
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Debutant director PT Selvakumar has come out with a slapstick mass comedy entertainer. There are times when you laugh hysterically at the most outlandish jokes, gags and situations.Onbadhula Guru promised laughter and entertainment and it sticks to its promise, giving you no time to breathe, gasp, feel, absorb react or relate. The humour is mostly slapstick and the plot wafer thin. If you are willing to chuckle, giggle and chortle at this far-out plot, mindless jokes, then it may satisfy you.

It makes no qualms of narrating a wafer-thin predictable story of four guys named after popular Tamil films Billa (Vinay), Kochadaiyaan (Aravind Akash), Guru (Charms), Ranga (Sathyan) and who are fed up of their wives and decide to take a break, go for a holiday and lead a bachelors life. They set off to Bangalore where they meet Charles (Premji) an old friend and Sanjana (Lakshmi Rai).

Ks music is peppy, and Vaa Machi... is the pick of the lot. The dialogues are laced with wit and soaked in humour and bring the house down on several occasions. The promos never promised path-breaking or thought-provoking cinema. So why look for logic in this one?

It is another spoof movie on Kollywood and top stars including a large helping of popular punchline dialogues and songs. However, be cautioned, it is a loud film targeted at the masses and delivers laughter in abundance. Leave your brains behind to enjoy this madcap entertainer!

Verdict Slapstick Comedy .


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