Sunita Rajwar slaps Nawazuddin Siddiqui with Rs 2 crore notice

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 09:43 hrs
Sunita Rajwar, Nawazuddin

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's former girlfriend, Sunita Rajwar, has sent the actor a legal notice of Rs 2 crore for besmirching her image by fabricating lies about the details of their break-up.

A few weeks ago, the actor announced the withdrawal of his recently released biography titled An Ordinary Life: A Memoir, following these accusations, reported ANI.

The 43-year-old took to Twitter to announce his decision after the memoir got tangled in controversies upon its release.

"I m apologising 2 every1 who's sentiments r hurt bcz of d chaos around my memoir #AnOrdinaryLife I hereby regret & decide 2 withdraw my book"- Nawazuddin Siddiqui tweet, (sic)" he wrote on Twitter.

Even after withdrawing the book, the controversy seems far from dying down.

A few days ago, the noted TV and theatre personality sent him a legal notice demanding Rs 2 crore as compensation for causing mental agony and defaming her in his book.

The seven-page legal notice, notifies the actor, the co-author Rituparna Chatterjee and publishers of the book. Sunita’s notice states that the fact claimed by Nawazuddin that she dumped him because he wasn’t successful, is a figment of the actor’s imagination.

The notice says that they have committed an offence under the section 499 of Indian Penal Code and have rendered themselves liable to pay for the damages. The notice states that Rs 2 crore will be used by her not for personal gains, but will be donated for charity. It also demands an unconditional apology. Her side of the story says that the reason they broke up was that Siddiqui shared too many personal details of their relationship with their common friends and made fun of it.

"I didn't leave you because of your poverty but because of your poor thinking. You have proved with your biography that you are even poorer that the Nawaz I knew back then. You never knew how to respect women then and you haven't learned to even now," Sunita further said in the post in Hindi, adding that the actor is a "sympathy-seeker."

She went on to say that Nawazuddin uses his looks and complexion, his poverty, his anecdotes about working as a watchman to gain sympathy from people. “The truth is, at the time of our relationship, his family’s background was better than mine. It’s scary to see a successful man like him be so insecure,” she wrote.

“You say I was your first love. Like the first spell of shower in a drought. If this was really your first love, I pray to God that no one has such an experience with first love...I didn’t leave you because you were poor but because your thoughts never knew how to respect women and still don’t,” she added. It is indeed surprising that the versatile actor who is known to be private about his personal life divulged his past relationships with his Miss Lovely co-star Niharika Singh and a National School Drama alumnus Sunita Rajwar.

Excerpts from An Ordinary Life (Penguin Random House, 240-page), a memoir that Nawazuddin has come out with Rituparna Chatterjee, have revealed that the National Award winning actor has spoken extensively on his personal life and relationships.

One of these is focussed on his bond with Niharika.

He writes: "For the very first time, I went to Niharika's house... When she opened the door, revealing a glimpse of the house, I was speechless with amazement. A hundred, or so it seemed, little candles flickered beautifully. She wore soft faux fur, looking devastatingly gorgeous, her beauty illuminated even more in the candlelight. And I, being the lusty village bumpkin that I am, scooped her up in my arms and headed straight for the bedroom. We made passionate love. And just like that, out of the blue, I began a relationship with Niharika Singh, a relationship which I did not know then would last for almost one and a half years."

He has also claimed that she sent emails on his behalf to one of his former lovers.

Niharika Singh called out Siddiqui for having "fabricated the story" of their fleeting relationship, contrary to the latter's claim that their relationship lasted one and a half years.

In her statement, Niharika said: “Nawaz and I had a brief relationship during the making of Miss Lovely that lasted less than a few months. So today when he paints me as a woman in fur enticing him into her bedroom with candles, or desperately calling him and mailing other women on his behalf, I can only laugh. He obviously wants to sell his book and it would appear that he is willing to exploit and disrespect a woman just to do so. He has chosen to fabricate stories and manipulate a fleeting relationship. None of what he has written has been with my knowledge, let alone my consent. It is this very aspect of Nawaz that caused me to end my relationship with him in the first place. I have always maintained that he’s a brilliant actor. However, I had hoped these acting skills would remain confined only to the screen. Still, I wish him well.” 

Niharika slammed Nawazuddin for not taking her consent before sharing their personal equation with the world in his memoir. She said the way he has "painted" her image, it appears he doesn't mind disrespecting a woman to boost the sales of his book. 

On the other hand, Sunita Rajwar was portrayed as someone “who drove Nawaz to think of committing suicide.” The TV star alleged that the false portrayal of her was a publicity gimmick and nothing more. 

She claims that while withdrawal of the book establishes that Nawaz had been lying, the move means nothing, as it is available at major e-commerce sites and the larger damage has already been done.

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