Super screened in Infy Campus

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 01, 2011 11:58 hrs

Thousands of employees of Mysore city's Infosys Campus watched the Upendra directed Super which is making lot of waves for its new concept about the futuristic India.    

The employees which included non Kannada personalities saw the film and enjoyed its inovative presentation and its inherent message about big time corruption making an impact in erasing the benefits of the developmental activities.

Speaking to Sify Movies, Upendra confirmed that the employees of the Infosys Campus had wanted to see the film and had made arrangements to get the print and watch the film. He said that he got a feedback from some sources that there were lot of appreciation about the film even from people who did not know Kannada. 

"The film's message has reached even the non Kannada personalities and we are happy about it", said Upendra.

Upendra said that he had met several people who are presently studying in IIM, Bengaluru and IIT Chennai  who were keen to see the film in their campuses along with the other students. 

"Some of the students of IIM Bengaluru and IIT Chennai have seen the film. We are interested to know the reaction from other non-Kannada speaking students about the film. I am trying to organise shows as I am also interested in getting a feedback from those extremely intelligent students", says Upendra.

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