'Surgery done and all. I am back home on Friday or Saturday'

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 09, 2019 13:00 hrs

New Delhi [India], Jan 09 (ANI): Ever since Hrithik Roshan announced on social media that his father Rakesh Roshan was afflicted with throat cancer, the family's well wishers and friends have been trying to glean more information on Rakesh Roshan's shocking health bulletin.

But now everyone can rest easy. A surgical process was undertaken on Tuesday and the actor-filmmaker is recovering well.

This writer connected with Rakesh Roshan on Wednesday morning and Rakesh Roshan personally replied, "I am feeling all right, thank you. Surgery is done and all is okay. God is great. I am going to be back home on Friday or Saturday."

Another source close to Rakesh Roshan revealed, "Ever since the diagnosis, Rakeshji has been upbeat cheerful and not at all daunted by the setback. He went into surgery with his wife, brother (composer Rajesh Roshan), son Hrithik and daughter Sunaina by his wide and the surgery went smoothly. He is expected home by the end of this week."

In an earlier conversation, Rakesh Roshan had once told me, "I've always been a fighter and I believe in karma. I've always tried to do the right things in life. Somewhere I believe your deeds will be reflected in what you get in life. Setbacks, there will be, but I firmly believe God is watching over me and my family."

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