Suriya’s detailed column on Anitha's suicide, win hearts

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 06, 2017 14:00 hrs

Actor and philanthropist Suriya’s recent detailed column on Anitha’s suicide, the flawed educational system in our country and remedies to rectify the mistakes winning hearts on social networking sites.

As Suriya himself helping a lot of needy students for their education, he understands the pain of them. In his article, Suriya said that there shouldn’t be another suicide among the students' community, everyone should join hands for the education of our kids.

Suriya also mentioned the Government should listen to experts opinion, the actor says one exam for the entire country is a violence. “I’ve been seeing a lot of students who come up by doing part time jobs and on the other side, we have students who trained in reputed institutions and additional coaching. There shouldn’t be separate education for the rich and poor”, explained the actor

“Education must become state’s right. A lot of members of the Parliament are not aware of the issues in various states so things can’t be decided there”, said Suriya, who adds that the current educational system lacks quality.

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