Suriya turns into a Daredevil

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 06, 2009 02:57 hrs

Suriya, Kollywood’s original romantic hero is now turning into a deadly daredevil!

Following the stupendous box-office success of Ayan, Suriya is slowly emerging as an action hero on the mould of a Jason Statham (The Transporter). Like Jason, Suriya too is doing all his stunt scenes in his films without using a duplicate.

For his K.S Ravikumar directed Udayanidhi Stalin produced Aadhavan during its climax scenes shot in Cape Town, South Africa Suriya was required to hang on to a chopper. Normally most heroes would prefer doing this dangerous shot using a dupe.

However according to a source present on the location: “ Suriya had to be propelled from the ground with the help of cables at an incredible speed to a height of about 150 feet in the air and hang on to the rails of the helicopter and he did it in the sixth take despite a hit on his shoulder!”

The man is a perfectionist; he would roll on the rough sand before every take to get the continuity shot of the dirt on the shirt correct. The source added: “During the Kolkatta, shoot of the film, he jumped off the highest bridge many times before the director’s ok for the shot. His passion and dedication is what makes his action scenes look so real on screen.”

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