Susi Ganesan's wife:"Leena Manimekalai is clearly a #MeToo fraud"

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 24, 2018 11:54 hrs

Manjari, wife of director Susi Ganesan who was recently accused by writer Leena Manimekalai for harassing her on a moving car has asked some questions on the issue.

Manjari says Leena doesn’t have any proof and she is a liar. “As an affected person's wife, I also watched Leena Manimekalai's press meet video. When Chinmayi answered almost all her questions, I was shocked to see Manimekalai bark at media for asking her a simple question: "What happened?". If she is an honest and truly affected person, she would have used this opportunity to reveal the facts to the press, who were doing live coverage on this "#MeTooCheat!" I could see her raging & yelling at a women journo,"Being a women are you not ashamed of asking me questions?" Where is the topic of gender when you face the press? Leena is the one using her female identity to hide her LIES”, said Manjari.

According to Manjari, humans will remember negative things better than positive things in their life but Leena says she couldn’t recollect the date and time of the incident. “When Leena Manimekalai can proudly and boldly declare herself as BISEXUAL, she should be able to boldly answer any question. Now as an affected wife, I want to ask the same questions the press asked her: interview date, time, duration of interview, street where the incident happened. Who ever supports her lies ,pls ask her to reveal the simple facts. These should not be uncomfortable questions for a 'revolutionary poet' like her. 

Human beings can remember negative things more strongly and accurately than the positive things in their life. If she can clearly remember an imaginary event for 13 years, shouldn't she also remember the simple facts connected to it? She is clearly a #MeToo fraud and is a humiliation to this movement. She is very clearly the BLACK SHEEP in #MeToo”.

Manjari asked media and Leena’s supporters to think before accusing Susi Ganesan. “She also mentioned in her first press meet that she would reveal other names depending on her mood! Is she trying to bargain and blackmail others by showing my husband anguish to the world? In this press meet, these ladies have revealed that they have no faith in the police, court and now they are painting a different colour to media. Well done.. Where are we heading? The people who support Leena Manimekalai - PLEASE THINK”, she ended her note.

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