Swetha Naagu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 24 February 2004

Movie Title

Swetha Naagu



Star Cast

Soundarya, Abbas, Sarat Babu, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam

A lot of films have been made in the same genre about snakes and snake gods with lots of graphics and tame stories. Director Sanjeevi has been successful to make this film with a shoestring budget and cash in on Soundarya who makes a comeback after a short break. The first half of the film is interesting, but the film peters out in the second half. However the plus point of the film is Soundarya.

Madhumati (Soundarya) is a research scholar and her subject is the study of snakes. She submits a thesis that snakes are only poisonous reptiles and have no supernatural powers. Her professor (Sarath Babu) tells her about 'naga sastram' (science of snake) that is written by few priests a few centuries back. That naga sastram is kept in Nallamalla forests with a snake protecting it round the clock.

Madhumati reaches Nallamalli forests and tries to procure Naga Sastram. In this process she encounters Swetha Nagu (white snake), a snake that is determined to bite her. A Sadhu tells Madhumati that she had killed a snake in her past life and that snake is seeking revenge now. He also gives her a thread to protect herself from Swetha Nagu but she ignores it. The rest of the film is all about how Madhumati realises the power of snake god and how she fights with Swetha Nagu and wins with the blessing of Naga Devata (Goddess of Snakes)!

The film is a blend of reality and myth about snakes. Soundarya is back after a short break in this fantasy tale and she suits the role of Madhumati and her performance is first class. Abbas and Sarath Babu in supporting roles have done their part well. Abhinaya Sree has been roped in as a tribal girl. The comedy by Dharmavarapu, Mallikharjuna Rao and Brahmanandam falls flat as it fails to evoke any laughter. Music by Koti is a letdown.

Verdict: Average

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