Synopsis: Malamaal Weekly

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 03, 2006 13:04 hrs

Malamaal Weekly is about the struggles and survival of people in a small town. Plagued by poverty, bad harvests and a monster of a moneylender called Karamkali, the people in this town are barely able to make both ends meet. Lilaram, one of the town's inhabitants, earns a meagre source of income through his business of selling Malamaal Weekly Lottery Tickets.

One day, while watching TV in a local tea stall, he learns that one of the tickets he had sold has, in fact, won the One Crore Rupees Bumper Prize. As most of the other villagers don't own a TV and are illiterate, Lilaram knows that he is privy to this information. The question is how to find that one ticket from the 105 he's sold. An idea hits him!

Lilaram throws a party : a virtual festivity for the people who are fighting to survive. Lilaram, already debt-ridden, manages to host this party at the expense of his one last asset - his goat kid, who is treated like a child by Lilaram's wife!!

Now, the party is only for his 105 customers on the condition that they bring along their tickets as an invite to the celebrations. As luck would have it, all turn up except one - Anthony the drunkard. Lilaram decides to pay him a visit. On reaching Anthony's house, he finds Anthony dead in front of the TV!! A shocked Anthony had died after hearing about his sudden good-fortune, with the lottery ticket still in his hand!

What follows from thereon is a rollercoaster ride of unusual events with surprising twists and turns at every stage. Extremely funny situations and hilarious circumstances lead to a culmination of a laugh riot climax, which reveals the Malamaal Weekly Lottery winners...and losers!

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