Taj Mahal

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 27 July 2008

Movie Title

Taj Mahal



Star Cast

Ajay, Pooja Gandhi, Ananthnag, Padmaja Rao

Debutant director Chandru has shown good zeal and enthusiasm in his first film, a tragic love story. But he should have taken some care about the screenplay which goes haywire. He has lent some surprises, breath taking moments and sentiments at regular intervals in the second half. The additional highlights are the cinematography and good music from K.S.Chandrasekhar and Abhiman respectively. Every frame is well captured and Abhiman in his long innings so far has given his career best.

Ajaykumar (Ajay Rao) an honest, poor boy from a village hand over a lost suitcase to the police. He tells them that his name is Kumar and leaves his cell number. Shruthi (Pooja Gandhi) the owner of the suitcase is immensely happy when she gets back her dad?s suitcase and calls Kumar to thank him.

Slowly they speak over the phone many times and fall in love. Incidentally they both study in the same engineering college but knows her lover only as Kumar. In college the guy is known as Ajay. Shruthi is not aware that Ajay and Kumar are the same person and flatly rejects Ajay when he proposes to her. In confusion and deep agony, Ajay decides to finish his engineering and go back to his village but on the examination day he gets a call from Shruthi.

Shruthi's father back from abroad and is seriously looking for Kumar who is seeking isolation in his village. By the time Shruthi comes to know that Kumar and Ajay are one and the same person but destiny has something else in store for them. For that you have to watch 'Taj Mahal'.

Ajay has a very good role to portray that is filled with lot of emotions. He has done it impressively and he is looking for a major breakthrough. Pooja Gandhi looks pretty and has done a good job. Suresh Mangalore Rangayana Raghu and Ananthnag are apt.

'Taj Mahal' the emperor Shahajan has built for his Begum but this 'Taj Mahal' is regionalized that is at the peak of sacrifice by the protagonist of the film. This is a film every parents and grown up children have to see.

The real hero of the film is cinematographer K.S.Chandrasekhar. He has canned some excellent shots that look like a well drawn out painting. Abhiman four lovely tunes are well supported by the cinematography.

Verdict: Above average

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