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KKM is a laugh riot : Madhumita
By Moviebuzz

Director Madhumita has lots to smile about. Her second film Kola Kolaya Mundrika is all set for release on May 21, worldwide. It is a fun filled comedy caper aimed at all section of audiences. The no-nonsense Madhumita in conversation with about being a woman director in a male dominated industry, her new film and much more

How does it feel to be a woman director?
Why should one label films as being made by a man or a woman? I want to experiment in different genres. My first film Vallamai Tharayo was family drama, and now KKM is a comedy caper. My next film, which I am writing is an all out action movie.

Are you tensed on the eve of the release of your film?
Yes, I am. And I think I will be tensed even if my 100th film is releasing. I am very close to my product and involve myself in all aspects like dubbing, post production and now marketing.

The film has been passed with an U certificate?
Yes the members at the sensor board who saw the film were very impressed. I will only make films which will have no vulgarity or gore.

In Pics: Karthik & Shikha in Kola Kolaya Mundhirika!

What according to you is the USP of the film?
It is Crazy Mohan’s script. His script is the star of my film. It will be a laughathon which will never give you time to think. We have made it racy and slick as it is difficult to hold the attention of the viewer long in such genre.

Why did you choose Karthik Kumar as the hero?
We auditioned lot of guys and I found that Karthik fitted the role of my protagonist Krish to the T. He plays a petty thief and con man and trust me he has done a good job.

Tell us a bit about the characters in the film?
Shikha plays Veni and she is again a con woman. How the hero and heroine get together and go in search of a treasure followed close on heels by three villains, Anand Raj, Vasu Vikram, TMK and Jayaram as a bumbling cop similar to Inspector Clouseau of the The Pink Panther is sure to bring the house down. The situations and scenes are contemporary and realistic. A top star is making a cameo appearance.

What is the film all about?
In Crazy Mohan ‘s words, it is Non-Stop Nonsense. I can assure you that you will laugh for 2 hours and 15 minutes and go back home with a smile on your face. There is a huge supporting cast of veterans and newcomers. The songs are rising up the charts and a lot of trouble went into the picturisation.

Who is your favourite director?
Well I have many names to drop. I like KB sir, Mani Ratnam, Akira Kurusawa, I do watch a lot of world cinema and Indian movies.