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By Moviebuzz

Tamizh has given the Tamil film industry and its hero Prashanth a new lease of life after two consecutive flops like Star and Majnu. The film, released with five other big budget movies during Tamil New Year, has proved once again that only good films with a strong story and presentation will survive at the box office. The success of Tamizhwas its simplicity in presentation and Prashanth acknowledges that it is a turning point for him. Excerpts from an interview with the actor:

Q: So Tamizh has done very well at the box office. Will we be seeing you more in action films?

A: I am extremely happy that the film did well. Tamizh was an action film, which was not well hyped. The film ran purely on its simple storyline and good presentation without much heroism thrown in. My future two projects Winnerand Enna Vilai Azhakae, both are not action films.

Q: How do you choose your films?

A: I give a lot of importance to the story, and try not to be repetitive.

Q: Are you following the recent trend of superstars doing ‘dada’ subjects?

A: Hari who is the director of Tamizh was Saran’s assistant and I knew him from the days of Parthein Rasithen. We had discussed the subject of Tamizh about two years back and all these ‘dada’ films came during this gap of two years.

Q: What went wrong with Star and Majnu?

A: When the stories of these films were narrated to me they sounded extremely good but when it was ready it lost its charm and the movie flopped. An actor is not responsible if the director does not deliver. But in the case of Hari, when he narrated the story of Tamizh, I had my doubts about how it would shape out, but when we saw the rough cuts itself we all knew that it will be a box office hit.

Q: There is no richness in Tamizh. Please comment.

A: The actual success of the movie was its simplicity. If we had focused on car chases and special effects, then we would have missed out the originality of the story.

Q: Tamizh was one of those films that ran purely on word of mouth. Is it true?

A: You are absolutely correct. The film picked up slowly on its own strength and is turning out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Those films that were released along with Tamizh has already disappeared from the main centres.

Q: What is the fate of Virumbugiren?

A: You should ask the producer this question and not me. The film is ready a year back and I feel that the film has all the potential to become a hit.

Q: After Tamizh you are doing a comedy subject in Winner. Do you think that the audience will accept it?

A: Why not? If the film is good and entertaining people will definitely watch it. Audience never compare you with your previous film. When Vikram did Kasi after Dhill people appreciated it. So it is once again the story that is ultimately the king.