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I Am Happy To Be A Saleable Hero: Vikram

By Moviebuzz

Vikram is clearly the number one hero in Tamil. His Saamy released on May 1 has taken a fantastic opening. In the last one year Vikram has had two mega hits, Gemini and Dhool and now with Saamy he is likely to strike a hat trick. For Vikram who has been in the industry since 1985, it was an uphill task to make it to the top. After being relegated to play second fiddle to all major stars for 15 years the entire industry had written him off. But in the new millennium he made the most fantastic comeback as a hero of substance in films like Sethu, Dhil and an offbeat Kasi. But it was Dhil directed by his classmate and close friend Dharani that made him a popular hero. Ever since there was no looking back for Vikram who is today the producers` and distributors` dream hero.

In this exclusive interview, three days after Saamy`s release, he speaks to about his films and future plans.

Q: Now that Saamy has been declared a hit, how do you feel when you are referred to as the new number one?

A: I don’t believe in number games. I am extremely happy that the trade and my fans feel I am a saleable hero. I have gone through humiliations early in my career when my films flopped. So now I have taken this success as a gift for my hard work and dedication.

Q: Have you fallen into an image trap with Saamy, as all your recent films had a rowdy theme?

A: No. I am trying to create new characters in each film. Arumugham of Dhool is certainly different from Arusamy in Saamy. It is how you mould a character, which is more important than the subjects.

Q: Will we see you doing another Kasi in future?

A: I am more into popular cinema today, as the Tamil film industry is in dire straits. Today I look at the trade aspects of a project more than my experimentation and outstanding performance that may get me some award. The bottom line is that my films should make money for its producer.

Q: What happened to Kathal Sadugudu?

A: I have to confess that it was not a good film even though director Dorai had a good reputation. The story underwent a lot of changes after the initial narattion. The producer’s loyalties were with another hero who was not happy with my rise and finally when the promos were out I was shocked to see me portrayed in bad light! All I can say was that I was taken for a royal ride.

Q: Is it true that you are charging the moon like all other superstars?

A: I work at reasonable rates and my salary is less than what my contemporaries are charging. I could have increased my price now but I believe that if the film has to be commercially viable, then you have charge a reasonable salary.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: My next release will be Pitamagan due for Diwali. It will be classy film within a commercial format. Then I will be doing another film for Oscar films directed by Murugadoss, A.M.Ratnam’s film directed by Dharani and Hari’s film Arul for Lakshmi Movie Makers. I will be doing a film with the Telugu director Teja and as you see I have taken films with all top banners and directors whom I am comfortable with.