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Sneha is choosing her roles with far more care these days. This talented actress has received rave reviews for her dual role in Parthipan Kanavu. But the actress is on a low key as the local grapevine has it that she has broken off with her long time friend and confidante, Srikanth. caught up with this effervescent heroine at the premiere of her latest release Parthiban Kanavu. Surprisingly her "good friend" and hero of the film never turned up for the show at Satyam Cineplex in Chennai! Excerpts:

Are you tensed on the eve of the release of Parthiban Kanavu?
The film has shaped out well and it will be one of my best films. But I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting to hear the audience reaction to the film.

Tell us something about Parthiban Kanavu and your role in it?
I play double role for the first time. But they are not twin sisters or even related to each other. Satya is a typical homely Tamilian girl, the kind that every man would take home to meet his parents. Janani is the opposite, as she is outgoing, strong headed and represents the new generation. She grew up in North India and is a marketing executive. Though Janani and Satya look alike, they differ so much in their mannerisms and behaviour.

Was it difficult to do the role?
The director Karu Palaniappan had to keep on reminding me when I was Satya not to show my teeth while smiling and that was pretty difficult as I always tend to be natural while smiling. He helped me a lot and thank god it has shaped out well.

Srikanth and you make a nice pair...
I think our on-screen chemistry was good. Added to that everything including songs, picturisation and camera were perfect.

The media had gone to town saying that you have fallen out with Srikanth.
We were always good friends and nothing more than that. As we did Parthiban Kanavu immediately after April Mathathil, the press made stories about us. Because of all that, it was difficult for me to work in Parthiban Kanavu towards the end. The Tamil press blew it out of proportion! Well that is what fame brings; I think I had taken it in my stride as an actress.

Will be this "hot pair" come together again?
I have taken a decision not to do another film with him for some time! Why create more sensation for the press?

What are your next projects?
I am hearing some good stories in Telugu. I dont want to do the bubbly sort of glamour roles any more. I am waiting for good performance oriented roles like the one in Pathiban Kanavu. My next release will be Jana with Ajit directed by Shaji Kailas.

By Moviebuzz