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Aparna: Bold and Beautiful

She is the latest sensation in Tamil industry. Dark and dusky, her expressive eyes speak volumes. She is still continuing her studies in Visual Communications. Her entry into film industry was accidental. She feels very lucky to have started her career with the most happening star Dhanush. She is none other than Aparna who plays the sexy gal in

Puthukottayilirundhu Saravanan, the latest flick of Dhanush. She spoke to the Editor of in an exclusive interview.

You don’t have a filmy background. How did you land up in the hot Dhanush’s film?

I am studying third year visual communications at Loyola College. I was selected a runner on the Miss Chennai competition. This gave me lot of confidence to participate in the International Beauty Pageant Show, which was held at USA. I was crowned as “Miss Photogenic”. I was flashed in all the local magazines. A chance watch of my pictures by director Stanly through PRO Chandru drifted me into films.

How did your parents react to your acting?

Look! I am also studying something, which is related to movies only. Though my study is related to more of direction course, acting is also a part of it. My parents are very supportive to my decisions.

Were you feeling nervous to act with Dhanush?

(Laughs) Not really! But I have no knowledge about films. So for the first two days I was very quiet. Later my mom gave me lot of confidence and slowly I got out of my fear.

Tell us your experience with Dhanush?

Dhanush was extremely cooperative. I learnt a lot while acting with him. We traveled together for 3 1/2 hrs. to Malaysia for shooting and we discussed lot of things about films. He was giving me useful tips like to follow a theory in acting, practice the dialogues in free time, how to modulate for various characters etc. I was amazed at the kind of knowledge he has acquired in such a short period.

How was working with director Stanly?

Stanly has understood the pulse of the newcomers. He gave to lot of time from scene to scene. I am happy I am given a meaty role in my first film itself. Thanks to the confidence Stanly sir had in me.

Being a student of director course did you suggest any ideas to Stanly?

This is the first film for me. I was doing whatever the director said. He knows how to take the best out of me. But I was giving suggestions on few things like my mannerisms etc.

You are so revealing and sexy in the very first film itself. Comment.

Glamour is part of the film industry. When you watch the film closely I have never crossed my limits. Whatever was required for the role I have done it. I have drawn a limit beyond which I will never expose. I am clear on that.

Which part of your body do you think is sexy?

My eyes. I am proud of my eyes.

What was your friends’ reaction after seeing your film?

I have only few selective friends. More than me they were thrilled when they heard that I am acting with Dhanush. They advised me on how to improve my acting in my next film.

Tell us about your college from where heroes like Vijay, Surya have come?

They are very encouraging to all my activities- be it beauty pageant or acting. I am still a student. You never get your college days if you miss it. I have had my share of fun as a student. We five friends who used to volunteer for everything. I am a popular student in the college.

Any unforgettable incidents while shooting at Malaysia?

It was my birthday (Oct 3rd) while shooting in Malaysia. We were shooting in the famous huge ‘Chinese graveyard’. Shooting went on till late night and I celebrated my B’day in the graveyard. An unforgettable b’day celebration in my life. No hassles, no sentiment. I perfectly enjoyed my day, my work etc.

We heard that the ghosts at the shooting locale chased you in Malaysia?

(Laughs loudly) People there were saying that ghosts haunt that graveyard. But they did not chase us. Do you know a secret? On the other hand I can scare ghosts. (Giggles) Chinese believe in supernatural power. They have immense faith in their forefathers and implore them.

Who is your role model?

Undoubtedly Kushboo. A fantastic artiste. One should learn the body language from her. Her naughty smile is enough to steal the whole show.

List top 10 of your interests and priorities!

Abdul Kalam
Smell of the sand while it rains
Petrol smell
Loyola college campus
Black and white color

What are your future projects?

I have got two offers from Tamil and one from Telugu. Yet to finalize.