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`New` will be a trendsetter: S.J.Surya
By Moviebuzz

S.J.Surya has a fantastic reputation for making two blockbusters Vaali and Kushi in Tamil and a mega blockbuster Kushi in Telugu. Now he is on the verge of hitting hat trick with his new film titled New. The only difference this time is that Surya is making his debut as an actor with the film that has Simran as his heroine. This maverick director speaks exclusively to

How did you decide to be the hero in New?
I came to the industry aspiring to be an actor but ended up as an assistant director doing minor roles. When I finished writing the script of New I fell in love with the character of ‘Podiyan’ and wanted to do the role. Everything fell into place and it just happened. (Read: `New` audio launched in style )

Why did you take such a long time after Kushi, your last release?
Kushi was released on May 19,2000 and now New on May 7, 2004 - a four year gap! Actually I made the Telugu version of Kushi that was a mega blockbuster and then the Hindi remake with Fardeen and Kareena that flopped. After that I was busy writing the script of New.

How many days did you shoot for New?
We shot for 122 days. After all I am a newcomer and the director in me used to tell 'cut' the moment I realized that a particular shot was not up to my expectation. So there were a lot of retakes.

How co-operative was Simran?
She was extremely cooperative and we tried and finished to shoot her portions before her marriage. I even shot with an injured feet so that she would be free for her wedding preparations. We share a good rapport. I was the only person from the industry who attended her wedding n Mumbai.

How far is New inspired from the Hollywood film Big?
At the time when my film was launched I had told that my film was very loosely based on Big. But the treatment and presentation are totally new. You can find the difference after seeing the film (smiles). I am sure that New will be a trendsetter.

Tell us about the music of New?
A.R.Rahman has done a fantastic job and all the eight songs are peppy. He has created magic by doing a remix of the old MGR-Saroja Devi classic Thottal Poo. All the songs are going to be chartbusters. Spiderman..Spiderman song will be liked by children.