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I don’t do films for awards: Vijay
By Moviebuzz
Vijay is on a roll after the stupendous success of Ghillli, which is heading for a silver jubilee run. It is the biggest hit in Vijay’s career and he is virtually sharing the number one slot with Vikram. On the eve of the release of his latest film Madurae Vijay spoke to Excerpts :

Are you the superstar of the Tamil industry after the stupendous success of Ghillli?
Please don’t call me a superstar. I agree that Ghillli is a blockbuster and the film celebrated 100 days in about 45 centres in Tamil Nadu, which in itself is a record. We will be celebrating the silver jubilee (175 days) in 10 centres shortly. (Also seel: Vijay Gallery)

Will there be any celebrations?
Yes producer A.M.Ratnam is planning to have a silver jubilee of his film in Tirunelveli and Chennai in a big way.(Read preview: After Ghillli it is Madurae)

So expectations are sky high about Madurae?
Even I think so. After Ghillli's mega success I wanted to do a film which would become a bigger hit and was happy with director Madhesh’s script about Madurae which has some novelty.

The songs in the film have already become chartbusters. Please comment?
Like Appadi Podu… of Ghillli, the title song in Madurae Machan Peru Madurae… and Ilandapanzham… are already popular. The way they have been pictuirised will make it even more popular after the film releases.

Why do you refuse to experiment within the commercial format?
I believe in making films for the common man on the streets. They just love my mass movies which are well packaged with the right dose of entertainment. I think they can forget their worries and have a blast seeing my films.

So what about awards?
(Smiles)I don’t do films for getting awards and believe in people’s satisfaction which is more rewarding than any awards.