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`Kudaikkul Mazhai` will click: Parthipan
By Moviebuzz
Parthipan who loves to experiment with new subjects within the commercial format is all set for the release of his latest film, Kudaikkul Mazhai. The title itself is innovative and he looked calm and confident as he spoke to on the eve of the release. Excerpts:

You are always referred as the “man of substance” in Tamil film industry who loves to experiment?
Yes I wish to be different, whether it is in acting, directing or writing. And my new film Kudaikkul Mazhai is also new in terms of story and presentation.(View images: 'Kudaikkul Mazhai')

What is it all about?
It is about a young, beautiful, fashionable girl who falls in love with an ordinary looking, middle class auto rickshaw driver. I call this ‘a commercial kavithai’, as their love story is just like blending two different elements like commerce and poetry. It is set in an old bungalow with virtually two characters. In all ways it is going to be “different”.

How would you call it “different” as this is the word mostly used by film makers these days?
(Smiles) Yes I agree with you. The title itself is different from the usual ones. The original title was Nee+ Naa= ” but later this one struck me and we decided on it. The film is about first love and only those smitten by love bug will experience rain inside an umbrella. The character of Venkatkrishnan, the auto driver is a very emotional person and the story dwells into his mental state after he gets a shock of his life. I want the story to remain a suspense till the release (laughs).(Read Preview: 'Kudaikkul Mazhai')

Has the film any message? Will this experimental film click at the box-office?
Of course it has. The film has emotional depth, middle class sentiments and a riveting climax. Nothing is permanent here as I treat hits and flops alike. Artistically satisfying movies may crash at the box office. To me, as an actor, director and even as the producer, the mourning period is minimal. But I think that Kudaikkul Mazhai will click.

Tell us something about your heroine?
Madhumita has a very lengthy and crucial role in the film and she has done an amazing job. She is a promising young girl who will go places.