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Nayantara - Personal agenda!
By Moviebuzz
Nayantara had made a sensational debut with Ayyaa in Tamil. She has caught the attention of the viewers with her immense screen presence and beautiful smile. She was not groomed to be an actress but is determined to make it big with hard work and determination. Her next release will be opposite superstar Rajnikanth in Chandramukhi releasing on April 14 (Tamil New Year).

She drives her own car,loves spending quality time with her family, takes special care about her make up and costumes and is a very head strong girl who has oodles of confidence. In this chat, Nayantara shares her personal secrets to

Secret of your beauty?
Every woman should take care about their health and beauty. As a heroine I think you have to a little more careful as you are public figure. Audiences like to see heroine’s as role models. They should look good and glamorous. I take special care of my skin as change in whether, water and cosmetics can do harm if care is not taken.

I don’t do rigorous exercises but has a control on food. I don’t touch sweets, ice creams and oily stuff. Make-up has to be right and I like to dress in a simple manner. I love to experiment with new dresses that suit me.

Favourite Food
I like North Indian food. My dad was in the Air Force and so I did my schooling in the North India, maybe that’s why I love it. I don’t know any cooking but love to experiment in kitchen but most of the time, my mom drives me away. I love spicy food too.

That keeps on changing. Right now, it is listening to good melodious music. I love traveling and seeing new places. I love going for long drives too.

I am very sensitive person. When things don’t go my way I get upset and immediately it shows on my face. Is it anger?

Gossip itself means ‘fake news’. Tell me one actress who does not have any gossip around her? I think we all love to hear and share gossips about others. Even when I was in college I loved to hear gossips about actresses (smiles) and so it is just a part of this profession. I never had any dream of coming into films. But God had something else in store for me. I want to live the way God guides me and do my work sincerely. Nothing really dithers my spirit.

Biggest supporter
God is my biggest supporter. I am not a fanatic but have a lot of faith and is a God fearing person. All what I am today is due to God.

Love and Marriage
I had told in an interview that I will never get married which raked a few controversies. I am still sticking to my words that I am serious about what I have told. I get regular “I love you” SMS but trust me, after coming to the film industry no one has proposed to me.

My parents are very friendly with whom I can share anything. My elder brother and family are in Dubai and he is nine years elder to me. I am the pet of my parents but they never pamper me.