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"A milestone in Rajni’s career": P.Vasu
By Moviebuzz
P.Vasu, the director of Chandramukhihas done three films with Super star Rajnikanth. chats up with the ace director on the eve of the release of the most awiate film for Tamil New Year day. Excerpts:

Why do you think Rajnikanth chose you to direct Chandramukhi?
Rajni had seen my Aapthamitra in Kannada and he had actually called me up to congratulate me. As we got talking both of us unknowingly developed the thread of that film and decided to make Chandramukhi. Please note that Chandramukhi is not a remake of Aapthamitra and in fact it has a totally new treatment and presentation. I have done three films- Panakkaran, Mannan and Uzhappali with Rajni and we have always vibed well. Then slowly things fell into place as Sivaji Productions were the producers.

Will the youth accept a 55 year old man as the hero?
Let me ask you a counter question. Will 2, 50,000 cassettes of the film be sold like hot cakes? The so-called youth have brought them and that’s the actor’s charisma, which still works among youth and lady audience.

How did you mange to make Rajni look so young in Chandramukhi?
You will see the same Rajni that you saw in Mannan years back. His youthful looks and radiant smile is an added attraction in the film. He started eating three full meals a day with lot of leafy vegetables and calories added to his diet. He did some exercises and work-outs and completely stopped smoking. Slowly he regained that chubby cheeks and vibrant looks in three months time. Later I used old file pictures of the actor to do the hair weave for the wig that was specially made in London. You can see the sparkle of youth in him and the audience will love him especially in the kite song sequence where he has Jyothika and Nayantara for company.

How is Jyothika and Nayantara in the film?
Jyothika plays the central character in the film. After seeing the preview Rajni called her up and said that she was brilliant. Nayantara’s scenes with Rajni have turned out well. There is a chemistry between the two (Smiles).

Does Prabhu have a full-fledged role in the film?
Chandramukhi is incomplete without Prabhu’s character as he plays Rajni’s best friend.

How about the comedy?
The comedy scenes are a plus point for the film. The comedy timing between Rajni, Vadivelu is sure to bring the house down. Vadivel will be the emperor of comedy after the release.

How sure are you about the commercial success of the film?
If advance booking is the benchmark then Chandramukhi is already a super hit. The question is how big a hit the film will turn out to be, as we are sure that family audience will lap it up. . It will be milestone in Rajni’s career.