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"I am chilling out": Sada
By Moviebuzz
Sada has turned the toast of Kollywood after the stupendous success of Shankar’s Anniyan in which her performance, dancing, glamour and screen presence was appreciated by masses and classes alike. She has been getting rave reviews for her outstanding performance in her new release Priyasakhi directed by K.S.Adhiyaman. We met her at the premiere of Priyasakhi at the Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai. Excerpts

You have been appreciated for your performance in ‘Anniyan”. Please comment
I am so thrilled about the success of the film. It is one of the biggest hits of the year in all the three states Tamilnadu, Andhra and Kerala. What more can I ask for? After all that hard work, it feels good to taste success.

What are your next projects?
I am getting many offers, but is yet to commit to any project. After doing Anniyan and Priyasakhi, I want to do only good roles in Tamil. Right now I have two Telugu films, one with Balakrishna and another with Siddharth. I have been working very hard and for the time being I want to chill out for a month in Mumbai.

About Priyasakhi?
It is one of my best performances till date. It’s not easy to get roles like Priya in Priyasakhi often. Initially I was little apprehensive about doing the role of a married woman who conceives and later has a child. I have only played a lover in all my films. But it was Maddy who convinced me and assured that only I could do full justice to that role. Anyway after seeing the film and getting feedbacks, I am so happy. And as it was sort of a start to finish project, I could do my best and the film has brought the best out of me (smiles).

So will you be doing another Tamil film?
Of course if I get a meaty role, language is no barrier for me. A good banner and director is a must for me.