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"It was team effort": S.J.Suryah
By Moviebuzz
S.J.Suryah is a great fighter, optimist and a person with never-say-die spirits. His latest film Ah..Aah released on September 9th, amidst controversies, court cases and an arrest warrant is proving to be a winner at the Tamilnadu box-office. In this exclusive chat with Moviebuzz Suryah opens up

How do you remain so cool and composed at the most crucial times?
If I lose my cool at difficult situations my creativity and thereby my film will suffer and I am not going to see that happen. What ever difficulties come in between, I face them boldly and carry on with my work (smiles).

Now that Ah..Aah is a hit, tell us what the secret behind the success is?
There is no such secret. It was sheer hard work and dedication of my team. I have to say that it was Rahman’s music, Venu’s cinematography, Brinda’s choreography and Antony's editing and Anand Sai’s sets that did the magic for the film.

Did you feel that your introductory speech about the film and its plot was necessary?
Yes… I am proud to be the first director who spills out the story of the film in the introductory scene which makes my film different. And as for the plot, it was necessary as people in B and C stations should understand what I was trying to convey about two imaginary characters that come in the second half of the film.

What was it that you were trying to convey?
It’s simple. The story of Ah..Aah was right from my heart and it was written out of incidents that happened in my life. The message that I was trying to convey to the young couples and lovers of today is that they should give space to each other. Life has changed and unlike olden days, women have to interact with men in all walks of life. But ultimately it is their trust and support for each other which counts and becomes the foundation for a happy married life.

About music of A.R.Rahman?
Everyone tell me that I am able to exact good music out of A.R.Rahman. I feel that if you are able to tell the concept of the film convincingly and properly to Rahman, he comes out with amazing songs for the situations. He is a genius and an amazing human being. He is an example of how a perfect human being should be.

What is your next film?
My next film, purely as an actor is Kalvanin Kathali which will be ready this December. Then I will be directing Puli for Swargachitra Appachan with Vijay in the lead. In fact, we are coming together five years after that blockbuster Kushi. Vijay is a very sweet person who is sincere towards work.